animal kingdom

what do silverbacks eat so big and strong only man think morality of cannibalism feast of flightless bird yearn for young lamb and cow quail hatched for cull butcher not the pig thumb with reason faith in lord ; work in faith the reward plentiful cheese and hennessey pecan and walnut tart chilli and sour […]

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ceres legislatrix

the charm of the witch treacherous insidious influence by trickery stupidity of brutes instinct and reason no property no injury indolence of the infant society impatient conceit decrepit concessions rustic cabins and furs of beast thornes and fish bones community to society dependency of cooperation innate is the avarice property and labor slavery and misery […]

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sex drugs alcohol I did all the haram consequentialism I am in dire straits I cried and I lived I loved and bowled I macked I played spin kicks down pat I laid up and rimmed jumps down pat g’d up ounces wheeled up mountains keeled up bounces sonnets to monets I made em all […]

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Keynesian utopia

vision to see global health wealth love happiness mission to eradicate money value morality through rationalism directive plans, means and time-frames of ability from multi-partisan states through labor, innovation and property, to provide a global technology driven dialectic materialistic abundance.  For irrational, segregation with reasonable force if need be.  For rational, secured contained.  Both with […]

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life and purpose

god was bored hence he created earth wind fire water aether mineral vegetable animal there is or not purpose? to the religious – to serve to the devil – carnal pleasure to the scientist – exploration life is not meant for suffering disease and death not natural cooperation a must for greater good

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when the ravens stop crowing when they play tag like hornets and migs when the gulls stop the squawking when they share with pigeon and minor when the noisy minor isn’t crying for attention happy to sing in the distance with ibis when the planes and choppers are distant train, truck and bus out of […]

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