one people

original sin

what the fuck was that about

is it the good and evil thing

isn’t knowledge the absolute good

I think its the pussy

the fruit … the cherry


take away the pleasure?

sexual and aggressive impulses

the fall of civilization

the meal

the bow and arrow

the boomerang of eden

the blood drawn

the fire made

what the fuck is original sin

hare rama

hare krishna

hare hare


the seed and the spice

the pestle and the mortar

the paper and the pen

the script and the tongue

the tablet and the cloud

the potato and the onion

the ginger and the garlic

the pea and the corn

broccoli and cauliflower

tamarind and chilli

weed and opium

fermented grape and almond

gold and opal

the wool and nylon

the wheel and gear

the timber and steel

plato and confucius

shaolin and vatican

koran and geeta

riches from the globe

one home

one people

penitentiary and psych prisons

shelters and kitchens

drugs and alcohol

needles and bongs

goon and crack

slavery to projects

gulags and spies

east and west

communist and capitalist

bills and rent

labor and surplus

love and money

is there enough to go round

why have refugees in prisons

why have the niggas got guns

why they cocksucking for a hit

liberties or paternalism

choice or haram


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