terra nullius


terra nullius

what the fuck is that

send the worst

the most evil

the most dangerous

for genocide

it must have been a massacre

it happened in africa

it happened in india

I don’t know about china

but I think the chinese came for the gold too

must have been a real battle

islanders are halfa something

fuck terra nullius

fuck the apology

give something


aboriginal policy

multiculturalism policy

assimilation policy


why there so many refugees

is there a fight

not enough resources?

money problems




tongue and script

some got great walls

with philosophies of an enlightened culture

yet the aborigine gets worms for brunch

they can’t catch the emu, goanna or roo

maybe turtles and ants


global humanitarian aid

we got the land

we got the gold

we got the fertile soil

heaps and heaps of it

empty uncultivated land

bring in the farmers with their kids

bring in their language and food

their arts and labor

for a share of the land

a share of history

one billion chinese

one billion indians

in small areas

not enough land

not enough resources on one side

not enough scripture on the other

throw in kids from all over the world together

from early kinder through tertiary

all free

the teachers come from india and china

chinese and hindi and english

in remote communities



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