the sitcom

the us in defecit

in debt

they ain’t making their fair amount of shit

fuck seattle

fuck hollywood

fuck nasa

and fuck boeing

where the fucking money at

what the fuck is inflation

what the fuck is rent

what the fuck is profit

interest on loans

mortgages to entrap

sleep a third of the day

work a third of the day

travel to and fro four hours a day

two hours to chase food and cleanse

do the fucking math






free market

nuclear state

space arsenal

reasonable force


was that real

was there any more

the gas chamber

the fucking gases

this shit a fucking comedy


not too dark is it

who out there got the wit to drop this


fuck the irish

fuck the singalese

fuck the yugo bullshit

fuck niggas killing niggas

white man rape white bitch

it ain’t even about race no more

color affiliations only last as long as the hit is there

the desires of drugs, alcohols, fags, food and the rest

there just ain’t enough is there

the resources must be scarce

why the seagulls fighting for

why every human fighting for

ain’t there enough

whats this sharing or competing bull



is it really love

ain’t it just primitive progeny instinct

does the dog control the heat

is it psychological to have an attachment

attachment so strong that it is considered love

a need

a desire

a want

the suffering

the babies … the feeding

the lack of resources

the fight between the species

who really are kings of the jungle

the lion is getting fed in cages

the crows are complaining



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