letter to the president



we need a meeting one of these fine days.


I have studied.  I have worked.  I have chased.  I don’t like to compete.  I have no doubt in my earning capacity.  I have been bred.  I don’t need bread.  I want more.  Much more.  My brother going to kill me cos of envy.  Do I need protect the misses with …


I am not happy.  There is not much I have not seen, tasted, smelt, heard or touched.  What you got for me.  I want to trade.  I have services, products and demands.  My wants touch all parts on the globe.  Now you are the antagonist to the desires of my hero; wife, house and ox …


I have sadness when I see the pains of a failing economic ideology.  What is the point of busting ass, minimum wage, to pay off a mortgage.  Where is the interest going.  Why have the issue of capital generating a surplus.  I do not want to pay rent …


I love the choice of riches in the west.  I like the freedom of religion.  I like freedom of speech and assembly.  We have to rectify globally, arms laws.  On a national level, the predicament of the gun laws is evident.  That has direct relation to the provision of or lack of,  welfare payments.


I have a problem with the wage discrepancies too.  Is there any way we can reduce the inequality gap.  The people are complaining.  The American people.  You know the facts ; 1 winner means probably 100,000 losers.  If not radical economic change, maybe address social policy.


I don’t want to pay rent.  Most people on welfare cannot afford rent.  These are the facts.  Give free rent to the poor.  Stock your supermarkets with the riches of the world.  Give those unable to compete in the free market, a plastic key pass to take whatever they want.


I realize that it might sound extreme social policy, however the people need guns to protect the oatmeal.  Is it the gold.  It isn’t rocket science ; people need shelter, food and drink.  People have families and have to feed more than one mouth.  At any cost …


I understand that asking for free electricity with telecommunications, education and health may be too far off the wing theory, but there it is.  In my utopia, I would be able to organize all the essentials for everyone … without the concept of ‘money’.


I do not have concrete data on the situation over the seas, however I will say that if any nation wish to denounce liberties and western influence upon their culture, for legitimate fears of contamination, with wishes to retain traditional cultures and morals, you ought to permit and let them be …


You may wish to promote free elections, however the people may not know better.  It is difficult to recognize the difference between candidate A or candidate B.  Do as you please in Central America, however I pray that you refrain from armed invasion and sieges.


Of particular passion to me is your treatment for delinquents in your western society.  There is no need to prescribe ‘medication’.  For those really suffering from mental illness, … I beg you to stop the psychiatric molestation.  The cause for the mental anguish is a deficiency in your economic policies.


Some use pipes, others use injections.  The chase for the fiend is the cost of social security.  Just manage the daily dose of the junkee, while you ‘nurture’ their offspring to avoid the deviance of future generations.  Choice of ‘Medication’ to soothe away the pains of the jungle.


I would like to see the whole world industrialized.  I want people in Africa and India to have access to a toilet, clean drinking water … and clouds … as a minimum.  I support globalization and increase of international trade free from state taxes and hostile extremists, however laws of sovereignty.


“I authorise and give up my right of governing myself, to this man or to this Assembly of men, on this condition that thou give up thy right to him, and authorise all his actions in the like manner.”


Let’s back away from international hegemony for today.  Save that topic for our rendezvous.  I beg you to clean up your own backyard.  Tax the rich and create social policy to lift the poor out of their misery, if not for today, then give to the children for the next generation.


Take away the need to carry a gun.


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