a want it all all all

a hot spicy curry …. vegetable

a cold fizzy drink …. soft

the sounds …. funky

sight of a nice dress … curves

aroma of her hair … fruity

touch of the breast … supple

all the sensual pleasures


the palace in beverly

the merc dubs

lockheed chariot

pounds a weed

barrels of amaretto

marble and jade

armani threads

delvina gears

all the riches of the globe


the smile of wife

the innocence of child

to use mother tongue

to practice with master

to play with grasshopper

to joke with friend

all form of human contact


to see eel slither in the lake

playing with goldfish

to see the raven

chased by noisy miner

wolf not bothered by bee

rat and roach feed

spider to dangle

all form of animal life


I want it all all all

but the fellow brother ain’t got shit

I can’t protect wife or gold

I can’t have coffee or cigar

don’t worry bout beverly

I’ll be fine on the street

thas when the brother will be happier


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