letter to the queen

your highness,


I write to you with great pains.  Your empire has crumbled.  You lost Africa and left it in ruins; the people are running around with machetes.  You lost India and left it in ruins ; there isn’t sufficient housing, electricity, water, sanitation, etc, etc.  You sent barbarous convicts into Australia and it was a genocide; two hundred years after colonization, the survivors of the holocaust are in the gutters.  You are already aware of your mandate on Palestine and the conflict on a daily basis.  Under the Imperialism of your family, slaves from Africa were shipped to America, spawned generations of resentful ghetto dwellers, unable to compete in the free market, turned to violence, crime and prostitution to have their fair share of the great American dream.  You have been in battle with China and Russia about economic ideology for the last century, to no avail.  I appreciate that the fact that the commonwealth has chosen the middle path, handing out some sort of social welfare in recent times, however it is not enough ; the people are not able to gain reasonable employment, secure reasonable housing and enjoy the resources available to the royal family, hence delinquency and psychiatric management.  There is no use bragging about the highest level of GDP and innovation of the west, when the people are left to fester in penitentiary and psychiatric institutions.


You use armed forces to rape, kill and pillage and then have qualms about your own citizens running around the streets with nothing more than a two inch blade!?  Have you been made aware of the research for drugs done on your subjects?  When the peasants realize that they are no more than guinea pigs, they might aggress!  Not to worry, the psychiatrist has anaesthetics and micro grinders to induce cavities in their sleep.  That’ll teach them.  In a free country.  Liberties?  Trespass and Assault?  Then they say that the peasant can’t understand that they are suffering from delusions and hallucinations, with jargon so deep … I couldn’t comprehend … needing fortnightly needles.  Lets not forget the illusions of the lawyers, the mental health board and ombudsman.  And they say the Chinese and Arab dictators are evil.  Knock down Saddam.  Knock down Gaddafi.  The communists are the bad people.


I beg you now for a referendum.  Ask the Brits, the Irish, the Americans, the French and the bloody Aussies too.  Ask the middle class if they are happy busting ass, minimum wage, just to pay off a mortgage before they retire.  Ask the beggars if they are happy with competition when they don’t have the knowledge, skills or capital.  Ask the upper class if they are happy with their capital punishment ; I doubt very much they are happy with all their hoardings when they have to walk the streets and see the real world.  Ask them!  Are you happy in the Buckingham, when I have to sleep on the street?


Global communism.  With liberties.


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