The problem  :

  1. inequity of distribution of resources
  2. illiteracies of religious dogma
  3. autocratic hereditary rule
  4. complexity of barter
  5. liberties of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and sex
  6. drawing blood of the animal kingdom
  7. diplomacy with machetes on the table
  8. racial tensions
  9. sovereignty
  10. israel / palestine


the solution :

  1. innovation and productivity do not depend on reward

property, means of production and labor need not generate surplus value

→  to each man as he needs


  1. liberty and tolerance for discrepancies of beliefs and faiths

→  to each man as he is able to reason


  1. voluntary republic of philosopher kings

→  to each man the reign grounded on wisdom and reason


  1. no need for gold or silver, tax or border

→  to each man paypass visa to take as he need


  1. moderation, tolerance and choice

→  to each man as he wish


  1.   liberty to feed or slay knowing that only he and monkey possess thumb

→  to each man as he please


  1. script, wifi and blackboard

→  to each man the opportunity of universal knowledge


  1. Miscegenation

→  to each man, an egg from the other kind, if wish be

  1. global social contract

→  to each man to abdicate as their will dictate

  1.   to the people of Palestine, their state

to the Jewish people, all the lands they find in the ether


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