sex drugs alcohol

I did all the haram


I am in dire straits

I cried and I lived

I loved and bowled

I macked I played

spin kicks down pat

I laid up and rimmed

jumps down pat

g’d up ounces

wheeled up mountains

keeled up bounces

sonnets to monets

I made em all cry

smoked up coked up

surfed the waves

been to the caves

visited the shrines

idolaters galore

blind faith for some

but built on 5 millenia

knowledge of antiquity

vatican for the west

mandir for the east

world wide web global

from afghan to nigeria

from somalia to iran

I beg of you

allow the children

the opportunity

give them the choice

liberty of will

don’t chain them to the cave

dialectic materialism is cool

western knowledge is built on byzantine ottoman vedics

let them be as Gods

let them eat the fruit

don’t fight amongst yourselves

without the concept of reason

you fire the cannon

is that not haram


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