animal kingdom

what do silverbacks eat

so big and strong

only man think

morality of cannibalism

feast of flightless bird

yearn for young lamb and cow

quail hatched for cull

butcher not the pig

thumb with reason

faith in lord ; work in faith

the reward plentiful

cheese and hennessey

pecan and walnut tart

chilli and sour cream

seedless grapes feta olives

sweet chocolate coffee

fizzy cold guarana

croissant with the lot

butter mayo mustard chilli

pineapple beetroot jalapeno

carrot zucchini coconut

bean seed and grain

cauliflower and broccoli

mixed herb and spice

filter cuban and ganj

date and lime with peanut

without drawing blood

ooh ooh aah aah eeh eeh

labors of passion fruit

alchemy of energy

logi-stoics of cultivation

process transport store

economics of distribution

property labor machine

complexities of value

troubles of unsound mind

from vice to avarice

sexual to aggressive

malice always returned

thoughts dreams visions

demonic and angelic

magical and spiritual

good vs evil

halal vs haram

yin vs yang

onchalla inchalla anchalla

ghar khana pina dharma


the promise of labor is butter

our purpose ; to serve the lord

divine purpose ; to see good emanate

virtue brings happiness

moses jesus mohammed buddha

prophetic moral philosophy

mind over matter

through matter satisfaction

through mind reason

through spirit justice

I hear noisy minor

I confirm perception of presence

with sight of noisy minor

I hear minor complaint in English

Their cousins are bred to cull

I confirm perception with reality check

I see bird, cow, lamb, fish roasted on display

logic and reason corroborate fowl psych play

where does the power to stop this evil lay

ignorance brings suffering and death

sloth and gluttony bring avarice

the birds and bees are innocent

the wild wolf hath been tamed

the gigantic elephant drop to knee

the lion and tiger jump through hoop

it is the highly literate man who organise cull of beast

how is this evil perpetuated in modernity

man kill man in the kali yuga

nation wage war upon nation

I have seen and heard the hate with teleportation

I have confirmed these with learned sage

austerity and penance

compassion and truthfulness

knowledge and meditation

brahma vishnu shiva

creation preservation destruction

satya yuga brings realization of self divinity of all



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